Trojus 7months – Children’s photoshoot

Fun outdoor children’s photoshoot at your local park, city roads, beach or at your chosen woodlands. We come to YOU, where YOU want – we can advise locations for shoots however, the end decision is yours. We can even shoot in the comfort of your home, second home, or a place that really matters to you. Before the shoot we always make time so we can talk about your style, we work the best time for your shoot working around nap times, when your energy levels are best, choosing your final outfits together and then talk about what you outcome you would like from the children’s photoshoot.

Baby Trojus photoshoot was based on his theme turning 7 months old, we created a mind map of ideas and chose what our Client Asta liked the best. They didn’t want to travel to far with the little one during the hot summer days therefore we chose a lovely local park not to far from some shade, so we can have breaks in between shots. During the shoot is always great to have everything prepared so when we start shooting we can do it as fast as possible to avoid agitation and any tear shedding.

Have a look at Baby Trojus Home shoot when he was celebrating his 5 months.