commercial PHOTOGRAPHY

t & l – construction photography

Whether it is working with architects, construction companies, specialist magazines or equipment suppliers, the team at Vivid Squad have the technical skills, experience and creative talent needed to get you the shots you want. It is sometimes a lengthy process from the design of a project until the final completion date of the build. Therefore, we are always flexible and work around you to create your vision with the final images of your construction.

By combining our construction photography and London property photography services we can ensure you advertise your property in the best possible way.

Our architectural photography services are increasingly popular since the construction and property sectors are so immensely competitive.

Construction photography is useful in a number of circumstances, including:

  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Work progress reports
  • Increase your chances when you tender for contracts
  • Architectural photography
  • Development projects
  • Annual reports
  • Construction equipment advertising

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