Commercial videography

St Luke’s hospice distribution center

Explore Our Collaboration with HE Interiors at St Luke’s Hospice Distribution Center

We take immense pride in our partnership with HE Interiors for St Luke’s Hospice’s latest venture: a state-of-the-art distribution center and superstore. 🏢✨

Our cameras have meticulously captured every aspect of this project, showcasing the seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics that caters to both the charity and its local community. This ‘Drop & Shop’ hub provides a top-tier, cost-effective superstore experience in addition to convenient donation facilities.

At Vivid Squad, our expertise goes beyond mere moment-capturing; we specialize in helping businesses like HE Interiors bring their visions to life through the captivating art of visual storytelling. In close collaboration with HE Interiors, we’ve successfully transformed this vision into reality, fashioning a space that fills us with immense pride.


Client: HE Interiors who was in partnership with St luke’s hospice

Location: London