Ingrida family Birthday  photography

In terms of getting amazing photos – there’s nothing quite like a good party !

Birthday family photography is an absolutely wonderful way to capture the emotions, giggles, smiles, and costumes making these images unforgettable. 

Therefore, no matter if you’re having  a birthday party, baptism, maternity shoot or a family event, we will photograph discreetly and capture all those fun, exciting and memorable moments for you to keep for a lifetime.

People of every age, of every corner of the world, can’t wait for his or her special day during the year: their birthday… and the party of course! It’s special as you are surrounded by your friends and family and people that you love. Or perhaps you would like a photoshoot solely dedicated to the birthday boy/girl. You will probably want something to remember the day by, and at the same time you do not want some of your friends waste all the party time by taking pictures of the guests. Especially if you’re celebrating your birthday

Our birthday party photography is a bit different to others as we shoot in a documentary style and focus entirely on capturing the special moments of the party as they unfold without our involvement.

Lets go back in time before the pandemic and see the great emotions from Andzelika’s bithrday party photoshoot.