Commercial videography

Gym PT Irmina – Sports video production

We captured Irmina at Ab Salute gym. She is a personal trainer and health consultant at IT’s health.

It takes exceptional ability to play sports to the highest level, and a great deal of skill to capture those sporting moments on film. Sport video production is a great way to increase awareness of your sports brand helping to build a connection between the subject and the viewer. Sport is all about action, vibrance and life, we with the Vivid Squad will help you achieve those goals.

We produce compelling event videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and drive results for businesses and brands. Social media platforms have gone from barely registering as potential marketing platforms 20-years ago to being a key part of the marketing arsenal today. Consumers have come to rely on video content on social media, but its prevalence also means they have access to great quality. If you’re looking to capture your event feel free to Contact us.