Bartholomew fair – city of london

As we captured the essence of this event, we had the privilege of documenting the captivating “Bartholomew Fair – City of Llondon” during a remarkable partnership between Broadgate and the City of London. This iconic fair, which traces its origins back to the 12th century and saw its last incarnation in 1855, was resurrected for a three-day extravaganza that left an indelible mark on modern London’s cultural landscape.

Our lenses were trained on the heart of the action as Broadgate played host to a myriad of “Bartholomew Fair highlights” events that harked back to the fair’s centuries-long history. Among these memorable “Bartholomew Fair highlights” was an awe-inspiring performance by Gorilla Circus, who took to the skies to display their incredible acrobatic prowess above the vibrant Broadgate Circle.

Bartholomew Fair’s storied past began as a gathering for cloth trade merchants to exchange goods, but over the centuries, it transformed into a beloved London tradition that kept visitors entertained for an astounding 700 years. 


Dinner for all act: Gorilla Circus
The Majorettes
Follow Me Into: imitating the dog
The Lips: Puppets with Guts
Slinky walkabout: Bedlam OZ
1133: Kit Green
Volo: dreams of flight: Studio Go Go